Selected theatre:

The Birds and the Bees (Earl)
Magnus Theatre
        with Catherine Bruce, Jessica Greenberg, Michael Man;
        directed by Thom Currie
Into the Woods (Narrator/Mysterious Man/Cinderella's Father)
Talk Is Free Theatre
        with Aidan deSalaiz, Jamie McRoberts, Alana Hibbert;
        directed by Michael Torontow
Prairie Nurse (Charlie Govenlock)
Lighthouse Festival Theatre; Showboat Festival Theatre
        with Maia Alvina, Lia Luz, Simon Gagnon, Hallie Seline;
        directed by Audrey Dwyer
Fiddler on the Roof (Lazar Wolf)
Persephone Theatre
        with Stephen Aberle, Donna Garner;
        directed by Peter Jorgensen
Out of Order (The Manager)
King's Wharf Theatre; Huron Playhouse II; St. Jacobs Country Playhouse (Drayton Entertainment)
        with Darren Keay, Jacob James, Lauren Bowler;
        directed by Sara-Jeanne Hosie
Rumspringa Break! (Larry/Amish father)
Next Stage Theatre Festival (Factory Theatre, Toronto)
        with Georgia Bennett, Arinea Hermans, Joel Cumber, Jamillah Ross;
        directed by Steven Gallagher
Marathon of Hope: The Musical - The Terry Fox Story (Rolly Fox)
Dunfield Theatre Cambridge and King's Wharf Theatre (Drayton Entertainment)
        with Nathan Carroll, Charlotte Moore, J. Sean Elliott, Tyler Check, Tim Porter;
        directed by David Connolly
Singin' in the Rain (R. F. Simpson)
St. Jacobs Country Playhouse (Drayton Entertainment)
        with Timothy Gledhill, Kayla James, Jay T. Schramek, Jayme Armstrong;
        directed by David Connolly
Long Day's Journey into Night (James Tyrone)
Mad Cow Theatre Company
        with Peg O'Keef, Gregg Weiner, Adam Reilly;
        directed by Mark Edward Smith
A Christmas Carol (Ebenezer Scrooge)
a musical adaptation by Michael Doherty & Caleb Marshall
Sudbury Theatre Centre
        with Shannon Taylor, Eric Craig, Rick Hughes, Lorena MacKenzie, Stuart Dowling;
        directed by Caleb Marshall
The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz—the Musical (Peter John Friar)
Segal Centre for Performing Arts
        with Ken James Stewart, George Masswohl, Marie-Pierre de Brienne;
        directed by Austin Pendleton
Laughter on the 23rd Floor (Max Prince)
American Stage Theatre Company
        with Joseph Parra, Brian Webb Russell, Glenn Gover;
        directed by David Russell
Floyd Collins (H.T. Carmichael)
Patrick Street Productions (at the York Theatre, Vancouver BC)
and Talk Is Free Theatre (at The Mady Centre, Barrie ON)
        with Daren Herbert, Michael Torontow, Krystin Pellerin, Kevin McNulty;
        directed by Peter Jorgensen
A Damn Fine Nite of Actors
"Polonius at Play" (and Shakespeare monologues) (Samuel)
Storefront Theatre/The Junes Company/Monday Nite Actors
        with Dan Fox; directed by Andrew Faiz
A Christmas Carol—the Musical (Marley's Ghost; Old Joe)
The Rose Theatre
        with Sweeney MacArthur, Marisa McIntyre, Karen Wood;
        directed by Danny Harvey
The Light in the Piazza (Signor Naccarelli)
Persephone Theatre
        with Katey Wright, Adrian Marchuk, Lana Sugarman;
        directed by Peter Jorgensen
The Sound of Music (Max Detweiler)
Citadel Theatre
        with José Boudreau, Réjean Cournoyer, Susan Henley, Susan Gilmour;
        directed by Bob Baker
Anne of Green Gables—The Musical (Matthew Cuthbert)
Charlottetown Festival
        with Tess Benger, Nora McLellan; directed by Marcia Kash
The Full Monty (Marty/Minister)
Charlottetown Festival
        with Matthew Campbell, Greg Barry; directed by Anne Allan
Kiss Me, Kate (Harrison Howell; understudy Fred Graham)
Stratford Shakespeare Festival
        with Juan Chioran, Monique Lund, Chilina Kennedy, Mike Jackson;
        directed by John Doyle
Evita (ensemble; understudy Juan Peron)
Stratford Shakespeare Festival
        with Chilina Kennedy, Josh Young, Juan Chioran; directed by Gary Griffin
My Fair Lady (Colonel Pickering)
Western Canada Theatre
        with Kaylee Harwood, Peter Jorgensen; directed by David Adams
Ah, Wilderness! (Nat Miller)
Chemainus Theatre Festival
        with Devin Estes, David Thomson, Maureen Thomas; directed by Jeremy Tow
The Man Who Shot Chance Delaney (Brewster et al)
Western Canada Theatre
        with Peter Anderson, Naomi Wright, Bob Frazer; directed by Johnna Wright
Into the Woods (Narrator/Mysterious Man)
Orlando Shakespeare Theater
        with T. Robert Pigott, Heather Lee Charles, Tracy Ganem, David Jachin Kelly;
        directed by Patrick Flick
A Delicate Balance (Tobias)
Mad Cow Theatre
        with Peg O’Keefe; directed by Bobbie Bell
Arms and the Man (Major Petkoff)
Orlando Shakespeare Theater
        with Timothy Williams, Lauren Orkus; directed by Thomas Ouellette
A Couple of Blaguards (Frank McCourt)
Orlando Theatre Project
        with Doug Truelsen; directed by Michael Edwards
Trapezium (King Mark)
Orlando Shakespeare Theater
        with Mindy Anders, David Hardie, Jason Flora, Heather Leonardi;
        directed by Russell Treyz
Underneath the Lintel (The Librarian)
Orlando Theatre Project
        directed by Doug Truelsen

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