Selected reviews:

“Without OTP’s stagings of such plays as Molly Sweeney, The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Wit, Doubt, Proof, Copenhagen and Blackbird, among others, the Orlando theater scene of the past two decades would have been a much blander place.”

—Elizabeth Maupin, theater critic, The Orlando Sentinel, Jan 1, 2010

Copenhagen (2004)

“Theoretical physics is just the background for Orlando Theatre Project’s fine new production, which shows three good people bound and tempered by a past they struggle to understand…Copenhagen will do what theater is supposed to do—fire up your brain, arouse your heart and show that the two are inextricably bound…Under the direction of K. Kristian Truelsen, the characters’ attempts to resurrect their past become a voyage into the human mind and heart, a deliberation on the darkness, as the characters put it, inside the human soul…The most satisfying theater is about questions, not answers, and questions are what Copenhagen is all about.”

—Orlando Sentinel

The Beauty Queen of Leenane (2000)

“Orlando Theatre Project works wonders with The Beauty Queen of Leenane… It’s hard to imagine a household more comically sour—or more deliciously full of suspense…it’s the rain in the hearts of the characters, if you will, that director K. Kristian Truelsen and his terrific cast get just right…Truelsen and his cast make the most of the drama’s hilarious games of cat and mouse…McDonagh keeps you guessing, and Orlando Theatre Project is his able accomplice. It’s an artful team.”

—Orlando Sentinel

Below the Belt (1998)

“In director K. Kristian Truelsen’s conception, the factory itself is a character in this nightmare, its buzzers like the bleat of a peculiarly anemic foghorn, its file drawers equipped with an evil mind of their own…Truelsen [and his designers] seem to have had a fine old time with the little intricacies of this production…Dresser’s comedy captures something insidious about the workplace at the end of the 20th century. And Orlando Theatre Project lets you trade all that for a laugh.”

—Orlando Sentinel