As a creative artist I like to mix things up. Primarily an actor, I work both on camera and on stage—and elsewhere. And there’s variety within the variety. Film, television, commercials, and industrials. Comedy, drama, and musicals. Voice-over, radio, specialty entertainment, and stand-up and sketch comedy.

My professional acting career has spanned thirty-eight years, two countries, six provinces, seven states, over a dozen cities, some 300 roles, no arrests and no convictions. I’ve played roles in classic plays and in tacky commercials, in big-budget films and in no-budget Fringe shows, with famous stars and without pants.

As a director, I’ve done dramas, comedies, musical revues and business theatre. Directing theatre is a foundry of inventiveness and collaboration! Hmm, I should do more of that.

My songs, which range in style from pop to classical to vaudeville, tend to be silly. Whatever the genre I truly value precise craftsmanship. I have written music for theatre, special events and The Walt Disney Company.

As an author I have written such diverse works as operetta (Kokonopia, Unlimited!—with Christian D. Hege), plays (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose—with Katharine Miller), children’s theatre (The Bremen Town Musicians), numerous comedy sketches (performed on stage, radio and TV) and special material for magazines (The Mother Earth News and The Sondheim Review).

I have occasionally played a few musical instruments professionally, including trombone, ukulele and kazoo. (No, really—professional kazoo.)

To me it’s all just variations on the theme of creativity. To others I may just seem all mixed up. Actually, I take my work seriously, but happily embrace it with a sense of play. So explore, and enjoy your visit.