Song list

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All music & lyrics copyright K. Kristian Truelsen except as noted

assorted songs:

     All’s Unfair
     Big Frozen Piles
     Bring Down Blues
     Bubbles in the Bath
     Full Circle
     Get Up!
     Girlie Magazines
     God, You’re a Pain in the Ass
     Gotta Get You Alone
     Guano Theme
     How Are Ya, Five-O
     It’s All Relative
     Kind of a Day
     Mel ‘n’ Omar’s Tanning Salon
     New Year’s Bummer
     Rathvon LX
     Red Dirt Blues
     Right There
     Schoolhouse Calypso
     The Exhibitionist Rag
     The Mold Between Your Toes
     Totally Discombobulated
     Way Out in the Middle of Nowhere

songs for Katharine

     My Pessimistic Girlfriend
     Lady Girl Woman
     Insomnia and Warm Skin

songs for Adventurers

     Adventure Keeps Calling My Name
     The Tanganyika Tango
     A Safari Song
     Drop Your Drawers
     You’re My Excitement
     The Where Song
     The Adventurers Club Alternative Theme Song
     We’ve Got It Maid
     Believe the Gypsy
     The Greatest Adventure is Love

from The Colonel’s Songbook

     Another Drink
     Botty Botty
     Humidity Song
     Ice Advice
     Insect Goo
     Mardi Gras Whoopee
     Napoleon Hat
     Pudding Pants
     Sock Drawer
     Someone’s Pants

assorted songs with co-writers:

     Confused Blues (co-written with Jeff Truelsen)
     Headed for the White House (co-written with Jeff Truelsen)
     Choc’rate Bar, GI? (co-written with James Racheff)
     Father Time’s Revenge (co-written with James Racheff)
     Alone (music by Christian Hege)

theatrical contributions:

from The Bremen Town Musicians
     Sing With the Band
     It’s Great to Be a Robber
     Rooster Chase
     Music to Share

A Christmas Carol (by Charles Dickens; author of adaptation unknown)
     Love Theme from “A Christmas Carol”

from The Curate Shakespeare As You Like It (by Don Nigro; lyrics by William Shakespeare)
     What Shall He Have That Kill’d the Deer

from Ecstasies (based on a play by Herb Gardner)
     Boardwalk Jubilee
      A Call to The Times

from Hogtown (by Sam Rosenthal & Drew Carnwath)
     Here's the Name! (Thomas Foster Campaign Song)

from Kokonopia, Unlimited! (music by Christian D. Hege)
     When First I Came to Kokonopia
     My Name Is Captain Spaulding
     Take Pity on Animals
     I Must Live with Creatures Only
     You Tiptoe the Ground
     Before I Made My Fortune Great

from Marvelous Music
     Marvelous Music
     Villains Get No Applause
     Bad Guy Blues
     Give That Guy the Hook

from Meet Me at the Top
     If Your Daddy’s Rich, I Love You
     Meet Me at the Top

from A Night on the Town (by Charles H. Hoyt)
     The Lay of the Lingering Lung

from Pinocchio (author of adaptation unknown)
     Incidental music
     A Real Boy

from Seagulls in a Cherry Tree (by William Missouri Downs)
     Optimistic Russian

from Snow White and the Five Dwarfs (by Brad Carroll)
     Man of Mystery

from The WKKT Morning Sickness Show (by James Racheff & Kristian Truelsen)
     Nay, John, Thy Porridge Is Too Hot Cha-Cha
     Get Up, Get Down, Get Out
     Anybody Will Do