If Your Daddy’s Rich, I Love You
from Meet Me At The Top

Meet Me At The Top was a concept for a musical comedy that affectionately spoofed the Busby Berkeley movie musicals of the 1930s. A synopsis of the show, sample dialogue and two songs were written. This one, which got performed in a vaudeville revue at The Great American Melodrama & Vaudeville, Oceano, California, is in the style of “42nd Street,” complete with a big tap dance.

I’ve had a hundred different guys make eyes at me
There hasn’t been much difference
That I could see
Now you’re reciting words of love and of romance
If you’ve got more than
Some little poor man
You’ve got a chance

     If your daddy’s rich, I love you
     ’Cause you’re daddy’s little heir
     But I won’t be thinking of you
     Unless he’s a millionaire
     It’s not that I am greedy, I only want my share
     So if your daddy’s rich, I love you
     If he’s not, then I don’t care

You could be six foot four with muscles busting out
The smartest genius ever
Without a doubt
Maybe no Tom or Dick or Bill could fill your shoes
Without the money
I’m sorry honey
You lose

     If your daddy’s rich, I love you (etc.)