The Greatest Adventure is Love

Written for a dashing ladies’ man character featured in a proposed show at The Adventurers Club (Pleasure Island, Walt Disney World, Florida). Don’t get me started on why the show was scrubbed.

With daring and dash
And plenty of cash
I am a man of renown
Who cares if it’s risky
When I’m feeling frisky
The world of adventure is my home town

     I’m an aviator
     Who circles the equator
     And flies through the skies up above
     But take it from me
     The greatest adventure is love

When grizzlies attack
A park ranger’s shack
Will offer you refuge out there
And that’s where I met
A park rangerette
And soon it wasn’t just the grizzly who was bare

     That’s why I support
     Wild life of every sort
     If she is a tiger or dove
     And take it from me
     The greatest adventure is love

          Oh, it’s a life fraught with peril
          So whenever passion occurs
          And you whisper sweetly in her ear
          Be sure the name that you whisper is hers

The dangerous chase
The tender embrace
The look in her eyes says begin
Then up to her room
Where love starts to bloom
And out through the window when her husband comes in

     The thrill of that night meant
     That I fit excitement
     Like a hand in a glove
     So take it from me
     The greatest adventure
     When a woman has a thirst someone should quench her
     Take it from me
     The greatest adventure is love!