All the Songs for Katharine were written for and dedicated to Katharine Miller. Get the spelling right.

Katharine, Katharine
All I want to say
All I want to hear
Katharine, Katharine
Shout it from the rooftops
Whisper in your ear

     But how do you spell your name?
     How do I write it down? (I don’t know)
     How do I figure out
     You and your proper noun?

Katharine, Katharine
Is it with a “K”
Is it with a “C”?
Katharine, Katharine
Then “–a-t-h-a”
Or “–a-t-h-e”?

     Is it an “i” or a “y”?
     Is there an “e” on the end? (I don’t know)
     Got to find out so
     I can send

          Sweet love letters to you
          Put you into graffiti or get a tattoo
          Carve our initials
          Or skywrite
          In cloud white
          On a canvas of blue

     Should I just call you Kat?
     Are you a Kathy or Kate? (I don’t know)
     What if the nickname I use
     Is something you hate?

Katharine, Katharine
Someone ought to put
Your name into a song
Katharine, Katharine
Play it in my head
Try to sing along

     But what kind of music are you?
     How does your melody go? (I don’t know)
     Pounding the rhythm of heartbeats
     Or tender and slow?

Katharine, Katharine
Katharine, Katharine