Kind of a Day

The world is in a mess
Everything is wrong
Everyone is lazy, stupid or bad
Nothing but distress
And grief the whole day long
In another worst day that you’ve ever had

But every now and then
There comes a kind of day
With something sweetly different in the air
I think it’s here again
That feeling of okay
And an almost total absence of despair

     ’Cause it’s the kind of a day to find yourself a trampoline
     Leap right up and grab a piece of sky
     Bouncing like a bubble
     Smiles are unstoppable
     So take a jump for joy before you die

Don’t want to hear the news
Don’t need a weather report
Today my spirit’s bright and sunny and clear
Following a muse
Of an optimistic sort
Who doesn’t care that Armageddon is near

     ’Cause it’s the kind of a day to dust off that old hula hoop
     Shake your hips and catch somebody’s eye
     It’s so satisfyin’
     To move like a Hawaiian
     And get a little shoop shoop on the sly

          Sitting on a powder keg
          Set to explode
          Gotta hop on a pogo stick and monopod down the road
          Climb on a tire swing
          Reclaim a little grace
          Feel that rubber-scented breeze of freedom on your face

          Spring in my step, song in my heart,
          Twinkle in my eye
          Today the world’s a toy shop and I’m looking for to buy
          Or is it all a dream?
          Aye, there’s the rub
          Is this proof that God exists or just Beelzebub?

The world is still a mess
Everyone’s to blame
No one can be trusted to give a damn.
The blissful, more or less,
And the ignorant are the same
But baby, for today that’s what I am

     ’Cause it’s the kind of a day to learn how to ride a unicycle
     Everything’s in balance, going well
     Today the world is stable
     Enjoy it while you’re able
     Tomorrow we all go right back to hell