The Lay of the Lingering Lung

This bit of doggerel was written for the play A Night on the Town (originally titled A Trip to Chinatown) and is orated by a disagreeable old fellow describing his pathetic condition of having only one lung.

How sorrowf’lly sad the song is sung:
Lamentable Lay of the Lingering Lung
Which once was part of a pitiful pair
Attempting to in- and exhale air.

But now beloved brother lung
Slips slowly from the bottom rung;
So, soon, when sickly sibling has died
I’ll ache of an emptiness inside.

Beneath this breast the lonely lung
No longer his loving match-mate among
Must labor alone (and you’ll pardon my English)
For what was once double-ish is soon to be single-ish.

Then tired and taxed, this bringer of breeze
Shall solely supply the shallowest wheeze,
And till my not-too-distant death
I’ll always be half out of breath.