Right There

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Right there, right there
Oh, for goodness’ sake
It’s right there
Did you even look around?
Right there’s where you take back your shopping cart
Don’t leave it out in the middle of the parking lot
It’s not hard, it’s right—
Oh, come on, it’s right there

Right there, right there
For the love of god
It’s right there
Right at your fingertips
Guess what? That puts on your turn signal
You might let us know just what the hell you’re thinking of
Flick your wrist, it’s done—
Go for broke, it’s right there

     It’s simple
     It’s so near
     It’s easy
     Someone needs a kick in the rear

Right there, right there
Are you kidding me?
It’s right there
Get a little exercise
Called a crosswalk ‘cause that’s where you walk across
But you’d rather step right into the traffic now
Jeez, watch out, are you nuts?
Take a hike, it’s right there

     It’s easy
     It’s not far
     It’s simple
     But not as simple, it seems, as you are

Right there, right there
What is wrong with you?
It’s right there
You lazy idiot
See right there? Oh, wow—it’s an ashtray
See right there? That’s how you throw your trash away
But you’re gonna drop it on the ground like I knew you would
‘Cause it’s too much work for you to do a little good
Have a little pride, have a little care,
How’s about you show some respect for the goddamn neighbourhood?
Simple. Easy. Hey, use your brain—it’s right there.

Son of a bitch.