The Tanganyika Tango

One of three songs written for a cabaret show at the now defunct Adventurers Club, Pleasure Island, Walt Disney World, Florida. Although not used in the cabaret it did get an occasional airing out at the Hoopla.

The jungle drums are pounding
Resounding like the beating of my heart.
The panthers’ tails are twitching
Bewitching as some magic spell.
Your eyes are blazing madly—
I’ll gladly take your hand if you will start
To dance the rhythm of the wild
And do the Tanganyika Tango!

First hold me oh so tightly
And lightly step across the jungle floor.
You want a kiss? Then steal it
And feel it down to every cell.
Next whisper in Swahili
You really need me ever more and more
And then we turn, clap hands, and there!
That’s the Tanganyika Tango!

A red, red rose
Is between the teeth of ev’ry crocodile with castanets
For each one knows
That the tango’s really an expression of desire
And not since Noah’s ark
Have zebras, rhinos, monkeys and gazelles been dancing in duets
And even itsy-bitsy tsetses
Have their hotsy-totsy tootsies all afire.

So from the Serengeti
Just let emotion carry you to me
While on Lake Tanganyika
I seek a partner as well
Then from Mount Kil’manjaro
Tomorrow love may echo to the sea
If you’ll be mine, divine,
And I’ll be thine
As by design
Our hearts entwine,
Our love enshrine
So swing down from your vine
And do the Tanganyika Tango!