Mel ’n’ Omar’s Tanning Salon

It’s a pun.

Play clip:

Hey hey, pale skin, why be blue?
Why be beige when bronze will do?
You can be a better hue
Killer impressions in just a few sessions

When your flesh is white and wan
Bring it by to our salon
Put the little goggles on
First get naked, then get bakèd

     Come on in
     Do a little number on your skin
     Before your youth is dead and gone
     At Mel ’n’ Omar’s Tanning Salon

Call me Omar; I’m the man
To give you rich, luxurious tan
If skin deep beauty is your plan
I’m your pilot to ultravi’let

I’m 24, my name is Mel
I look 42 but what the hell
You gotta admit my color’s swell
That’s my motto: go mulatto

     Come on in (etc.)

          We’ve got thirteen rooms with thirteen cots
          Each one 13,000 watts
          All those watts may give you lots and lots
          Of spots

But meanwhile you’ll be living great
The world’s an oyster on your plate
You’ll look like the perfect date
Or more amazin’, the perfect raisin
Most distinc’ly, brown and wrinkly

     Come on in (etc.)