Villains Get No Applause

Written for a proposed but scuttled Disney Cruise Lines show. One segment featured Disney Villains Cruella DeVille, Jafar and Captain Hook all complaining of unfair treatment. Cruella’s is a bluesy number in the “Fever” vein.

Come and listen to my story, it’s sad to tell
Sure to make you cry because
No matter what I do
They only hiss and boo—
Villains get no applause

You’d think they would admire my fiendish plans,
How the world is in my claws.
But do they say I’m clever?
No, never!
Villains get no applause

I’m rich and influential
I do just as I please
I’ve got such great potential
Except for one omission—
A little recognition!

One hundred and one dalmatians ran me down
Four hundred and four little doggy paws
For mutts they give a cheer
But all I ever hear…
(sound of boos and hisses)
Oh, villains get no applause!