The Where Song

The audience is cued to sing “WHERE?” as indicated. Written for the Maid’s Sing-Along at The Adventurers Club, Walt Disney World.

I had a friend named Della
Who had a steady fella
The perfect guy
’Cause she was shy
And he was debonair.
The fella’s name was Billy
And though it’s sort of silly
I can’t recall
No, not at all
The home of Della — [WHERE?]
The home of Della — [WHERE?]
Della — [WHERE?], Della — [WHERE?]
That’s it! She lived in Delaware!

They went into the garden
Bill said, “I beg your pardon”
He plucked a rose
And then he chose
To put it in her hair.
A bumblebee espied it
And buzzed around beside it.
Now, where’s the word
That Della heard
About that bumblebee — [WHERE?]
About that bumblebee — [WHERE?]
Bee - [WHERE?], Bee — [WHERE?]
That’s it! Billy said “Beware!”

The bee, it disappeared-o
And Bill, who was no weirdo,
Began to kiss
His pretty miss
Who felt it here to there.
A kind of funny feeling
That kind of was appealing.
Could this be love
From up above
Or someplace under — [WHERE?]
Someplace under — [WHERE?]
Under — [WHERE?], Under — [WHERE?]
That bee was in her underwear!

So Della took the rose off
And then she took her clothes off
To keep a sting
From happening
Down on her derrière.
The bee flew off to Dover
While Billy looked things over
But where it led
She never said
And so I don’t know — [WHERE?]
No, I don’t know — [WHERE?]
No — [WHERE?], No — [WHERE?]

Some — [WHERE?], Any — [WHERE?]
Una — [WHERE?], Hard — [WHERE?]
Silver — [WHERE?], Wash and — [WHERE?]

[WHERE?] — house
[WHERE?] — wolf
[WHERE?] — as
[WHERE?] — by
[WHERE?] — of
[WHERE?] — fore
[WHERE?] — abouts
[WHERE?] — ever

[WHERE?] where [WHERE?] where
[WHERE?] where [WHERE?] where

Stop! This is where-ing me out!

And that’s just about every Where!